Can I upload my data textfiles regardless of what are my regional computer settings ?

Yes, as long as your computer uses Windows-1252 (Western European) alphabet. If not, you have to use Unicode textfiles.

How can I convert my textfiles to Unicode ?

You can convert your default encoded text document by opening it with a text editor such as Wordpad, and then save it as a Unicode text document.

My textfile shows weird characters when I open it with wordpad, can I fix it ?

You can use Excel to import the textfile as text data. Excel allows you to select the encoding from a long list.

I uploaded a data file, but some form controls remain disabled or unloaded. What should I do ?

Probably your data couldn't be parsed, you may check it and try again. Check the data carefully if you didn't ellaborate it by yourself.

I uploaded a data file successfully, but there's no sign of results in the download page. What should I do ?

For now the website and the service run on different computers, and the delay is a few days. Even if there was an error and the process couldn't be completed, the process should eventually be listed anyway, if as an error instead of as a result file.

What happens if there's an error ?

If there's an error and the process can't be completed, it will eventually be listed as finished anyway, but an error message will show instead of the preview map, in the map frame.

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