Our favourite links


A site about handheld GPS utilities with several mapping services

Maps for the Web

A blog site about internet maps APIs, SIG and databases focused to developers

Basics of mapping with KML

An article explaining what's kml and how to use it

Web Mapping and Internet Cartography

A site about the history of web mapping and internet cartography with examples

Cartographic generalization

From Wiki GIS. Learn about cartographic generalization

Understanding Scale and Resolution

From Microsoft. Learn about web map viewer scales

Too many markers

From Google. An article about marker clustering

Thematic maps with Fusion Tables

A personal page about creating thematic polygon data maps with Google Fusion Tables

Geographic coordinate system

From Wikipedia. Learn about geographic coordinates

Mercator projection

From Wikipedia. Learn about Mercator

Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system

From Wikipedia. Learn about UTM

How To Use A GPS: Tracks And Routes

An article about handheld GPS usage

Mathtutor geometry and vectors

A site about math basics

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